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~ Walt Disney

30 June 2015

Bobbin Gobblin'

For those who know me, my passions are vast and many. Making bobbin lace is one. It was actually incidental that I got started on it. If you recall, my tatting teacher's teacher, Mrs Sheila Dutton, was visiting one year and the group did bobbin lace. It looked challenging but I made a plunge to pick up a few techniques. The pieces I made weren't much to show, but you might want to see the bobbins I gathered subsequently.

Sheila sewed the bobbin cases, and they are beautiful! They can't be left empty; oh, absolutely not. The enthusiasm to purchase a few bobbins got the better of me, and... Well, the rest is history.

Thought you might enjoy some eye candy.


  1. I haven't touched my bobbin lace in two or three years. Perhaps if I had pretty pouches like yours, I might be tempted to set up a work area and give it a go again! ;-)

  2. Gorgeous- and so appealing. I love "neat", tidy and orderly- lets my chaotic thoughts whirl!


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