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05 June 2011

Using the Kimono threads

I have been tatting... especially with the new Kimono thread that I was talking about, recommended by Lynn in this post.
Made a curious little motif with the black and white variegated. Also with a smaller #70 DMC cotton and metallic silver. I had a lot of fun doing this. Can you guess which pattern it is?

Tatted another motif with this thread... It's a motif for a coffee table mat.

Next up, a doily that's almost complete, minus one last round. (Lost steam for now but I might pick it up again some time. ;P)

Both these patterns can be found in this little booklet that Jane Eborall shared some time back. I managed to get a copy, and I love it.

I certainly have a new project waiting and I'm very keen to get crackin'. But before that, I gotta do some homework. Till then...

Hope you are having a nice weekend.

P.S. Jane wrote up a pattern for the Fandango corners and tatted up a pretty duo-colour sample. It's gorgeous. Find her post about it here.


  1. Hi, Val,
    Lovely, lovely tatting. This thread looks very nice - your stitches look crisp and they really show up in the photo. Great turquoise/blue colour
    Fox : )

  2. Ooh! I really like that black and white thread. The lemonade set doily is very pretty. There really are some gems in those older books!

  3. I know which pattern it is but I'm not telling!!!

  4. I really like the black and white varigated thread, and your tats are great!


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