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~ Walt Disney

08 March 2009

Tatted Things in Blue

It's one of those rare weekends when I get to rest, tat and do the minimum. I've started on something in black, but have not decided what it'll end up to be. There are quite a few possibilities... Perhaps this will draw some curiosity and guesses. Let's wait and see.

I've tatted up 2 things some weeks back but hadn't put them up. So without much ado, here they are:

Chrysanthemum doily from 'Tatting Patterns And Designs'

by Gun Blomqvist & Elwy Persson


Sherry's Chaterlaine by Ladyshuttlemaker

Now I'm going back to my tatting in black...

Hope you had a good weekend and a better week ahead.


  1. Well done Val!
    I have the Gun Blomqvist & Elwy Persson book but I haven't tatted from it yet. You've peaked my interest.

    Thank you for tatting the Chatelaine; you did and excellent job!

  2. Thanks, Sherry. I love the chatelaine. It's very pretty. I think I'll tat this again some time in another colour. :)

  3. Both pieces are very pretty! ...and blue is my favorite color!

  4. Wow! These are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. They look great in that beautiful blue thread. :)

  5. Both very pretty patterns. Look very neat too!

  6. thanks, diane, tattingchic and ellen. i like the blue thread -- it's bright and rather 'cool'.

  7. stunning work..
    mona & the girls..
    ps was at a family friends in Utah recently she had the most beautiful family heirlooms of tatting hanging on the wall from different women in the family

    love it...
    mona & the girls

  8. Oh! Gorgeous! Very delicate, indeed. And that is the perfect shade of blue.


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