We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

~ Walt Disney

31 July 2009

What inspire(s) me?

What inspire(s) me? Lots...

1. Nature: flora and fauna. Especially animals. I always wonder how God managed to come up with so many forms, shapes, sizes and colours. Always marvel at the colours of the flora world too.

2. The light at different times of the day and in different weather conditions. At sunrise, the sky gives off a redish glow. Seems to say "Hey, it's a brand new day!" After the rain, leaves that have started to turn a yellowish-green from thirst suddenly looks fresh and vibrant.

3. Findings, all sorts. Nuts and bolts, jump rings, coloured beads, rings on soft drink cans... the list goes on. Love to collect (or shall I say 'hoard') them. Never fail to tell myself "I will need to use these some time."

4. Books. How can I ever live without books? Strangely, I have books that I read many times over and over again, simply because I love the stories! (Yes, I own many books on my favourite subjects.) There is this terrible habit I have... arrive early at the airport, check in and browse in the airport bookstore. Very often, I get too engrossed and forget I had to board my flight. On some occasions, I hear a familiar name over the PA system, requesting the passenger to board her flight immediately. (I'm sure you know this person.)

5. Tin cans. I don't know the reason but I just love to collect tin cans, in particular those with pretty prints, paintings and colours. My friends and colleagues often hear me ask them to eat up all the chocolate and cookies, and leave me the tin cans. (No, I don't fancy chocolate and cookies very much. Will attempt a piece when offered.) I guess the fact that people can come up with so many ideas to decorate and package things always catch my attention.

OK, I fancy pretty things. Who doesn't?


  1. Thanks for sharing a list of things that inspire you, I can relate to them all. As for hoarding there is nothing wrong with that except perhaps finding the room for everything! Have a good weekend.

  2. hello val :)
    that's an awesome list! i sure can relate to "hoarding"! and tin cans! *squeal* that's so cute :) i love tin in all sorts of shapes .. watering can, planters, pails ... you name it :)) it was great knowing you! and ooo... i caught a glimpse of your dolls!!!! gorgeous!!! going there now to read about them :) thank you for participating :)) mine will be up soon as well ... btw we live quite close. i'm from malaysia.
    peace and hugs,
    luthien :)

  3. Hi Valerie~
    I had a good chuckle about hearing a familiar name over the PA system asking a passenger to board her flight....that is ME!!! I get so engrossed in reading that I tune everything out :)

    It's nice to know I am not the only one!


  4. It's lovely to see you at the party!

    I love pretty things and find myself 'collecting' all sorts of things that might come in handy! x

  5. So funny...I am a hoarder too. I just came back from a morning of yard sales and spent a whopping $4.25. I collect so many things...buttons (don't get me started), antique mirrors, black Americana, German documents, green costume jewelry.....there's more but I'm taking the 5th. Love your blog and the things that inspire you and I will definitely peek in on you from time to time. This is fun...party on!

  6. This was wonderful Valerie and I loved hearing about what inspires you most. While I've found many of us artists share similar interests it's always so enlightening to find other inspiring aspects - your tin can collection is fabulous!
    All the best ~ Sharon

  7. Just stopping by to leave a comment from all of us and to thank you for joining in the fun today!
    ♥Sharon & the Girls of Inspiration Avenue

  8. Very interesting read Val! One of my inspirations was "collections" so the tin can thing intruiged me!

  9. Love love books :o)) and I can never bare to part with them! I love the tins also!!! I never thougth I would run into someone else who liked tins LOL!!! Great inspirations!

  10. You have a great inspiration list- I'm especially partial to the books one. I've never been to an airport, but I know I'm prone to getting distracted and losing track of time in a bookstore!

    The tin cans one is really unique! :)

  11. Oh I'm totally overwhelmed with all the comments I got over this latest post! Thanks, you are all fanastic, and you've made my day!

    I'll be over to each of your blogs to catch a glimpse...

  12. Love your list. I love books too. And aren't we all hoaders to some degree. great tin can collection.

  13. "I fancy pretty things" Love that. And hoarding? It is recycling at its best...you plan to use it, no? I had fun here..Peace

  14. Dearest Val,

    Do you know what inspires me? You do. You, who gives me tenderness and friendship when I need it most, who finds beauty in the simple pleasures around us, who creates such treasures with magical fingers. Thank you for your sweet message and the comfort it brought. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer.



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