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~ Walt Disney

04 August 2009

1st Blog Giveaway at Cath's Pennies Design

Hehe... here's yet another blog giveaway—at Cath's Pennies Design. How exciting?! It's her blog's first! Pop over, quick!

I know I haven't been blogging much lately. My apologies. Am quite buried under a mountain of projects, daylight is only a short glimpse during which I travel from home to the office. Next thing I know, it's supper time. No TV, tatting or Coke. Trying very hard to keep my eyelids from falling... Oops!

P.S. Has anyone on blogspot encountered a problem adding pictures to your post? I can't even see the functions now... Strange. Now that explains why I haven't got pictures for the last few posts.


  1. Oh, that is strange about the photos! Sorry to hear that Blogger is causing such grief with adding photos for you! I am not having that problem. I do have a problem where every once in a while my sidebar will appear below my blog posts in the footer! It's wierd...then, it's like Blogger gets over it's glitch (or whatever it's going through) and it returns back to normal!

  2. Nope, no problems myself but that does sound odd.

  3. Hi Valerie! Thanks for stopping by to visit. I know what you mean about work. I am snowed under, and I am starting yet another "assignment." I feel lost when my calendar is not completely booked!! LOLOL!!! No, Blogger hasn't been a problem lately with pics. Have you checked the Blogger forums?

  4. I've had some issues with adding photos lately but it's been more along the lines of them disappearing from previous posts so I'm not sure that's the same issue you're experiencing. Blogger can definitely be glitchy though and I hope the problem is solved for you shortly.

    Thanks for mentioning about the giveaway, I'm hunting for a link now.
    All the best ~ Sharon

  5. Ah, found the link, you put it in the tile, very cool!♥


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