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15 August 2009

Seoul Holiday I: Curly Wriggling Food

Was in Seoul and Jeju island for a couple of days with my lit'l sis. Woohoo... Great trip. Lots to see, do and eat. EAT! Yes, I'll be showing you some of the things we got to try.

How about something curly and wriggling... on a pan? Looks squirmish initially but had to try it. So instead of just waiting for it to cook, I took a short video clip of the process... (Warning: Although it's not bloody, the curly octopus moving on the pan might make you squirmish.) Enjoy. And yes, it's yummy!

On another night, a typical Korean dinner spread, of small side dishes and pancake. Yum.

Till the next instalment... Have a great weekend.


  1. Ooouh....outstanding octopus dish ^_^. Is it a nice place? I hope I can go to Jeju Island someday...goal of 2014..LOL

    Thanks for sharing it Val

  2. Haha! At least you did not eat him while he was still wiggling. I can only hope that the hot peppers make him delirious. :)

    I had dinner at a teppan yaki place on Tokyo where the seafood was so fresh it was jumping off the hot plate. Even the abalone squirmed and writhed. I felt bad, but it didn't prevent me from gobbling them up afterward.


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