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~ Walt Disney

26 November 2009


Have been looking up snowflake patterns to tat...

Here's one that I like. The pattern can be found in Tatting With Ann Orr, motif 19 on pages 18-19. I tatted this motif in two colours.

More snowflakes on the way...



  1. Oh what detailed beauties!!! wonderful work!!!

  2. I've got that book Val and looking at the page now, but yours is so so so much better. The one in the book has what looks like a nasty knot showing.

  3. Thanks for your kind words, Diane, Diana and Sally. I love the simplicity of this snowflake and it's so easy to tat up. But I must let you into one secret, I couldn't figure out the instructions... I think there's a mistake somewhere. :)

  4. I appreciate the simplicity of this lovely, tatted snowflake. Very nice. B.


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