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06 December 2009

Another Snowflake-y

Here comes the next snowflake... actually it's been painted with some irridescent glitter and white glue. The result: it's stiffened so it can be hang on a christmas tree! Can't see the glittery bits in this scanned image, alas!

The snowflake's named Star No. 1 from Tatting Patterns and Designs by Gun Blomqvist and Elwy Persson, page 38-9. I've used a DMC #70 thread and it measures only two and a half inches across. A pretty dainty snowflake. :)

XOXO, good weekend.


  1. I love your snoflahe!
    Very beautiful!

  2. very pretty snowflake Val, i definitely will give the watery glue stiffer a try:)Nancy aka lalou


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