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~ Walt Disney

23 May 2010

Going Ons This Week...

Oh no, my mobile phone charm... this little black piggy has worn out. First his eyes fell off, one after another. I glued them back on. That was a few months back. Then his ears started to peel. Now even his nose is falling off. Poor thing. Guess he'd seen better times.

So I had to replace him with this alien (I can't figure what animal it is). 

I'd been sick over the week. I coughed so much and so violently that I couldn't even catch my breath. I thought this was going to kill me! This cough, which recurred every 2 minutes won't let me sleep and left me short of breath after every episode. When I went to see the doc, he told me it won't go away for at least a week or two. Some patients he'd seen had coughs that lasted over a month and one fellow had coughed so badly that a rib broke! S.C.A.R.Y! I was forced to rest and take all my meds faithfully. I'm much better now. The cough's pretty much suppressed (that's what the meds do) but the throat's still rather sore.

On the brighter side, I found time to check out what's going on with some blogging friends and the well neglected Intatters site. I was looking out for some challenge, as usual, as well as some pretty bookmark patterns to tat.

"Tatted Clover Bookmark" by Carol Lepard that I'd found on the Intatters site. Simple to tat but a gorgeous pattern.

Another project that I have in mind: tatting up some vintage patterns from KNOTS. The patterns are in need of images of the actual work so Kersti suggested this challenge. OK, here's a glimpse of what I'm planning to work on. I tatted this motif with only the visual.

Have a restful weekend.


  1. I hope you recover from that wicked cough soon! The bookmark is beautiful, and I love the colors you used!

  2. He looks like a frog taking a dive.
    Gosh hope you get rid of that nasty cough soon.

  3. OH NO VALERIE!!! I can sure understand what you are going through with that cough!!! I got the same thing. NOT FUN at all! I do hope you get over yours soon. Yours is sure hanging in there longer.

    Your new key chain at first glimpse I thought of a reindeer or moose LOL. Poor piggy!

    Oh I do LOVE THOSE COLORS of that bookmark!!! WoW and the bookmark too of course!

    Very pretty motif as well there GF!!!

  4. Where ever did you get those colors? Wow!!!
    Hope the cough doesn't last much longer. Ugh!


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