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03 May 2010

Mr Crocodile... con't

Mr Crocodile's been enjoying himself watching TV on my sofa for close to a week now. There's no sign that he's going away. So I asked him politely if he would like to go back to racing after fish in the river or suntaning on the grass.

"No, thanks," he said.

"Why not?" I asked.

In a very soft voice, unlike a ferocious and confident crocodile, he admitted: "I really can't swim very well."

WHAT?! Can't swim? How can a crocodile not be able to swim? The story goes that when he first crawled out of his "shell" (sock), he didn't know he was supposed to learn how to swim. So he doesn't know how.

Immediately, I tasked hubby to go find Mr Crocodile a float so he can learn to swim. After searching high and low, far and wide, we finally chanced upon this float shaped like "a little foot". [It's pink because I chose it. It's no fault of Mr Crocodile.]

Mr Crocodile's all geared up to go swimming. Smile.


  1. Oh, I love love love him. He should come live with me. I live by a lake and I could teach him to swim! Yeah, that's the ticket.

  2. Grrr... I think Blogger ate my post!

    I love love love him! He should come live with me. I live by a lake and I could teach him how to swim. Yeah, that's the ticket.

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh boy, that is FANTASTIC! He's so lucky to have a very understanding and helpful friend like you. And I think he rather fancies the pink. Goes well with his skin.

  4. ROFL,,,that is great Val. I love the floatie too!!!! So adorable, like your crocodile :)

  5. Steph, I like your idea. Will check with Mr Crocodile. ;)

    Bella, he's now getting used to the pink floatie. Hope he learns to swim soon so he can go out to play more often.

    Thanks, Connie. :)

  6. I hope to read more of Mr Croc's adventures. As you know, I have a fondness for Crocodiles...The Leps said he looks good enough to take a ride upon and when I told them Mr. Croc didn't swim too well, they said, "OH he can have some of our lucky shamrocks, good for lep energy and Croc swimming." Those Leps have an answer for everything (it can really be quite annoying)
    hugs, BJ

  7. hi bev, thanks for the leps' shamrocks and good energy. mr crocodile is very friendly and he's certainly open to giving friends a ride on his back some time. he's getting used to the idea that crocs are good swimmers.


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