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26 November 2010


... so how many of you folks got 'fooled' by the title of this post? I am talking about the chocolate box to be exact. I saw a chocolate box contest posted on Ambitatterous here over a week ago and thought "Oh, how interesting?" I mean who can resist chocolates, or boxes?

The first thing that came to mind was obviously "Chocolates" and so I tatted the letters from The Complete Book of Tatting by Rebecca Jones'. Then came the flowers as they went with the alphabets.

Chocolate box (front)
And I got carried away. I tatted a honey pot and a chestnut (my own pattern) next. Then I saw Martha Ess' pumpkin teapot which I tatted a couple of days before. The pattern is here. All these took up positions on the back of the box.

Chocolate box (back)

Now I know you must be eyeing those truffles... Yes, they are actually pincushions I made for my teddy bear toolbox. Can they pass off as truffles?

Finally, here's a glimpse of the box I picked up.

Just the box
I had loads of fun doing this. Thanks, IsDihara, for this contest idea.


  1. I agree Vinnie! Looks REALLY yummy!!!! And so pretty!

  2. the truffles look a tad bit like mushrooms. the kind i'll expect to see in fairytales where the damsel in distress walks by and sits there on the mushroom... haha^-^

  3. Your decorated chocolate box is marvelous! You did a great job!.

    Time for a contest update and reminder, so expect to see a link back to this post in the coming days.

    So glad you had fun with this contest!

  4. What a lovely box. I love your rendition of a chocolate box.

  5. What a cute box of chocolates! Love the truffles!

  6. Val! YUM! Oh wow, all the embellishments are fantastic -- the teapot, the chestnut, the letters. And the truffles are scrumptious! And bonus, they're ORANGE!


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