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~ Walt Disney

05 November 2010

My Babies... Eh, Bears Actually

I haven't posted for over two months. :p There was too much happening. I managed, however, to keep my hands busy with making bears. Some tatting too but that will be in another post (when I get more stuff sorted out). Some eye candy if you will, for now.

Bebe Blanc

P.S. He prefers to be a bunny.

Pod the Panda


  1. Love bears and yours are superb.

  2. Glad to have you back, Val. All very cute and my fav is Pod the Panda. Danny has character, looks like fur and lace.

  3. I can't even imagine how you make these sweet bears! Just adorable!

  4. Pod is still my heart throb LOL Shhhhh just don't tell hubby ;)

    I LOVE all your bears Val!!!

  5. I...I...I'm absolutely astonished at how adorable and perfect these bears are! Oh goodness, you did an exceptional job! I love the little open mouths. And ooooh, the polar bear is awesome!


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