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~ Walt Disney

09 January 2011

I Love Coffee

This is a set of 6 ATCs I created from my love for coffee. Themed as "I Love Coffee", these were posted on an online forum. Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to find loads of comments and requests to swap for these.
"Making Greek Coffee" #1/6
"Espresso" #2/6
"Latte" #3/6
"Mocha Latte" #4/6
"Frappe" #5/6
Cappucino #6/6
(Post blog remark: And this cappu is for Diana. Cheers!)

And, this is another set painted with coffee! That's the criteria for the ATC swap I'm participating in. How extraordinary. The coffee aroma still lingers in the cards. Mmmm...
Butterflies and Heart #1/4
Butterflies and Heart #2/4
Butterflies and Heart #3/4
Butterflies and Heart #4/4
There's more to do now... I'm planning to making some in the Chinese New Year theme.



  1. I am fascinated by ATCs, although I haven't tried to make them myself. I love your coffee theme! Dave's got a pot brewing right now, and it smells so good!

  2. Whoa!!! I love your ATCs! Love the coffees and butterflies and shoes. Oooh, girl, you are so talented!


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