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02 February 2011

TIAS Days 7 & 8

Here's Day 7 and then Day 8 ... Can't tell what it is on Day 7 but I'm beginning to figure it's a creature on Day 8. Just look! I can somehow see two eyes on the top of its head (in the orientation I'm posting below). What do you see?



  1. I see a very strange thingymagig!!!! That's what I see!!!

  2. I’m still just ‘guessing’ at the TIAS. If the projections are legs they are very stumpy for lizard legs. The ’tail’ is a bit short for alligator or lizard (except perhaps a Gila Monster lizard) The suggestion of an airplane persists because of the ‘tail’ and back end of the ‘what’s it’. The ‘odds’ are that it IS a creature; but, our Jane is ‘tricky’. LOL
    Happy tatting! Ridgewoman aka bj

  3. Jane: Isn't it? Would you like me to help review your TIAS pattern since even you find it strange? ROFLOL

    BJ: I can't see it as an airplane, despite the "tail". I know Jane is out to surprise all of us and throw us off our predictions at the final moment. I'm sticking to it being a creature. :)

  4. Can't help sleuthing on the TIAS. At the beginning of this seriously fun adventure, Jane told us we needed 9 beads. So at the end of Day 8 we still have two unused beads that could become eyes. Those two rings you mention could NOT be eyes. (Very tricky of you, Jane!) Could they be nostrils?

  5. IsDihara: You are so right! I'd totally forgotten about those 2 beads that have yet to be used. OK, I agree those rings are nostrils. So it's still a creature! LOL

  6. Actually I've not been particularly 'tricky' with this one - it's really just the way it 'came off' the shuttles. Honest me lud!!! The thing that puzzles me is that my first test tatter couldn't see what it was until she scanned it!!! Weird, eh?

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