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23 December 2011

Which Landscape?

I beaded this carbochon over the weekend, but didn't finish it till late last night. You see, I couldn't decide which landscape (face) of the onyx I like better. Perhaps you can take a vote!

Let's say this is F1.
And this, F2.
They are similar, yet different. Each is unique. What do you see?

On the tatting front, I attempted Jane's Snowflake 2004. Ooh, it's challenging for sure. First I told myself I should stay off the beads because I know I don't work well with beads in tatting. Despite this, I found myself retro-tatting almost on every "leg" of the snowflake. (Oops, I hope Jane's not seeing red...) See it for yourself (but not too closely p..l..e..a..s..e.. ).

OK, I'll redeem myself on the next one, promise.

On another note, here are 2 giveaways I'd come across this Xmas season...

Ginger @Bearbits is having a giveaway. The prize is this lovely teddy, of course, named Bouton. Check it out here.

Another giveaway is at Knick of Time. Angie tried her hands at stencilling a pillow and she shared a tutorial on it. The end product is gorgeous! Cutting Edge Stencils is giving away a stencil worth up to $50. Here's the link.

Last but not least, here's a cheery sock to fill up all the Season's Blessings to be shared with you (my blogging friends) and your family!
(It was lovingly made by a colleague at work, not for me; I'd only managed to get a picture of it.)



  1. Ummm, I can't see ANYTHING wrong with the snowflake. Nothing at all. Anyway you should see some of mine for bing 'off kilter'!!

  2. I vote for F2. It looks like a house at the top of a snow-covered hill, with trees below.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. I love both sides but f2 is my favorite!

  4. I know people have trouble commenting on my blog posts. This issue's been going on for quite some time now... Sorry, folks, and thanks for leaving a note. I'll paste your comments here, sent via email.

    Frivole wrote:

    Hi Val,

    Just wanted to send you a little note because I am unable to post a
    comment on your blog for some reason (it just won't let me click into
    the comment box to type something). I've just seen your pink version
    of one of my snowflakes and it looks lovely. It's always exciting to
    see your patterns tatted up by other people!

    I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas Holiday and a Great New
    Year 2012.


    P.s. I also like your beaded cabochon very much and though they are
    very similar, if I had to choose one side, I'd go for side 2.

  5. Teresa also left a note:

    Val -
    I just tried to comment on your blog and it's not letting me. I don't know if it is a problem for everyone or not but I thought I'd let you know . . . in case you are wondering why you are getting no comments on that gorgeous beaded cabochon. (By the way, I like f2 . . . )


  6. Jane: Heehee, you are always so encouraging. Thank you. Promise I'll be good next time (Santa: You there?). :D

    Thanks for sharing your opinion, Diane and Teresa!

    Diane: I agree with you. This is the face that attracted my attention in the first place!

    Teresa: Thanks for making sure your message gets to me.

  7. Hi Val,

    Happy New Year! I like F2 too but it can always be worn either ways?

  8. I vote for F2, to me it looks like a house at the top of it, a house w/ a brown tin roof ..


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