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13 March 2012

Here Here, Chameleon

This is what I was tatting a few days ago. It's a nice pattern and I love the result!

Tatted in Lisbeth #40 Med Leaf Green
By now, you would have noticed that I'm in "tatting critters" mode. I'm totally enjoying myself. :)


  1. So cute! I am teaching myself how to tat! This looks really awesome and hard!

  2. Jane's patterns are SO fabulous, and you did a PERFECT job tatting this! He's kind of 'cute', in his own way!

    Although I don't know if I really could tat this, I know it wouldn't be Jane's fault! Her patterns are so well written, and her drawings are works of art in themselves. I'll never know how she dreams these things up, but we sure are enriched by her talent and skill! I'm sure she'll be delighted when she sees this!

  3. . . .
    . .

    Oh, sorry! I was just in creature mode....
    Fox : ))

  4. Creative creature mode, I'd say. Looks good. Karen in OR

  5. I meant to tat this fellow when Jane first designed it, but didn't.
    You have done a lovely job on it.


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