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21 July 2012

Gifts From Sally

... and they are awesome. (I must say that this post, however, is way overdue. :p And, I assume you've seen my post about our meeting when she was here for vacation with her family.)

Some of the handmade items by Sally and 'im in the garage... (except the box of soap)

Plus this teddy and magnet
If you've read Sally post about covering her boxes with tatting, well, I've got one of them!

Thanks for the lovely gifts, Sally and 'im in the garage.

Life's been like a swirl -- I'm getting quite dizzy from work, falling ill, doing my crafts, catching up with a couple of friends, FIL being hospitalised in the last few days, and seriously, time escapes me! There is so much to do.

Hope your weekend is good.


  1. Great gifts! Glad to hear that you're better!

  2. what a fun bunch of gifts.
    Lucky you to have one of Sally's boxes.
    Hope your FIL feels better soon.

  3. Lovely gifts. Now, Val, take a BIG breath, sit still and TAT!
    Fox ; )

  4. Thanks so much, ladies. Things are slowly coming under control, and yes, I'm starting to tat again. :)

  5. So so strange seeing them again after travelling all those miles, it seems a life time away since I was in Singapore.
    Hope your life has calmed down now and FIL is feeling better. I don't know how you cope in that heat.
    Looking forward to see what you have been making.


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