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17 September 2012

Tat-along: Day 2

I changed the thread after the first round I tatted yesterday because the #50 thread was rather fiddly to handle. Restarted the doily in a Flora #20.
The first round is completed, and on to the second. I had originally wanted to work a split ring to jump to the next round but changed my mind as I am going with a solid colour next. Here it is now.

More progress update perhaps tomorrow. :)


  1. Hi Val,

    That is so very pretty! I don't know how long it must take but it certainly looks like it takes quite a while to do such intricate work.

    Very nice!

  2. Beautiful - though I am disappointed you have changed the thread, as I really gravitated to the purples. But, I totally agree - the other would take forever!

    I want to begin the tat-along, but have so much to finish. My little secret: I have to admit, I am a serially monogamous tatter. ; 0

    Fox : ))

  3. I like that deep red...beautiful colors!

  4. you blow me away with this work!!! amazing!!!

  5. that thread you used for the first round is very pretty. Good for you to change threads if the first isn't working.

  6. I like the looks of the thread you used for the 1st round. that is very pretty. Good for you to decide to change threads if you aren't comfortable.

  7. I like the addition of the solid color. And that's such a classic , timeless design, going way back.

  8. I have to go along with what everyone has said - good thread colour choice.

  9. Fox: Sorry to disappoint you. :p I find the purple soothing but it's really to weak for a very 'holey' pattern like this one.

    Ginger, Julie, Ladytats, Kathy, Jon and Fox:
    Thanks for your very encouraging comments!


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