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29 October 2012

Halloween and Pumpkins

Think it's time to tat some pumpkins!

Left: Tatted in Flora #20 Dark Orange, and a #20 Cotton (no known brand) Dark Green
Right: Tatted in RJU001 (a HDT by Jess!) #40
Pattern by Sherry Matthews
It's funny how the leaves tatted using the dark green thread curl, but I'm ok with that.

Jess' HDT is the perfect colourway for a pumpkin. I love that colourway -- it's full name is Royally Jess!ed Up, and since it was her first in its range, it's 001!

On another note, Halloween is not a tradition celebrated here, so there aren't pumpkins here to be carved. Nonetheless, who says making a ceramic pumpkin is not equally or more fun? And, oh, this pumpkin head can take in a lot of chocolates, believe me.

Have fun!


  1. Wonderful tatting and I can't stop grinning over your "Jack Skellington" pumpkin head. Great job!

  2. Your tatting pumpkins are awesome!!! :)


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