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18 November 2012

A Bauble For Me Too

Besides tatting snowflakes, I haven't really tatted anything for Christmas. Lately, Sally started tatting for some baubles here, and they are so attractive. She even shared her simple but effective pattern. I was tempted, to say the least.

I want to have a bauble for me too. Just one.

Of course I have a small packet of very six cool pink baubles stashed away somewhere (in fact the packet has been left in a corner for a few years now). ;p See, I know I'll have a use for them some time.

Reindeers I bought in the two-dollar store some years back too!
Tatted in DMC #80 white
I notice that I could not really cover my bauble with one round of tatting using Sally's pattern so I tatted another and joined them upside down (in the middle). Voila! That works!

Thanks for the pattern, Sally. I'm so happy with this bauble. :D


  1. That is very pretty Val.
    Thanks for the mistletoe on your blog. I found my Christmas blog decor by clicking on it.

  2. Very nice!

    I am tempted to give this a try, but haven't worked in size 80 thread except maybe once in my life. :-)

    1. Bonnie, I hope you do give the pattern a try, if it is a larger bauble you can work in 20, just depends.
      There are so many different sized baubles!

  3. Those reindeer elicited a chuckle!
    Fox : ))

  4. Extremely pretty, and what a clever idea using the pattern like that.

  5. Oh wow, that's so pretty!!!! What a great way to display your gorgeous handiwork! Hehehe, the reindeer are adorable. :)


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