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09 November 2012

All Spillin' Out!

It's amazing I have such a load (uhm, bag) of thread leftovers from tatting. The lengths range from approximately one yard to a few. Out of habit, I would pick up the tabs from bread loaf packagings and wind the bits up mindless, then drop them into a ziplock bag. Lo and behold, I now have over a hundred of them. No, I didn't count them, and they are spilling out!

Last night, we had the usual monthly ATC session at the library. Our organiser introduced a technique of winding thread on thick paper. So I took out my bag of leftovers. You can get a glimpse of our ATC activity here.

Below are my attempts at winding up the threads (with some creativity and oh, you need to focus) on corrugated material (recycled from boxes). Nice fun.


  1. Well I just admire you for actually getting them on to the thread holders to begin with, clever idea bread tags.
    Afraid I've tried winding left over bits back onto the ball, but then going back to that ball and threading beads onto the thread and finding that it has been a complete waste of time! I've hung odd bits of thread over things, and promised to return later, but in the end they usually end up with a tackled mess. So have fun using them up, Jane's SCMR butterfly are good for that.

  2. Oh wow, I love how you used the bread tabs. We usually buy bread with a wire twistie thing. But, now I am wanting to look for bread with this type closure.
    I love the cards! My favorite is the white one. It almost looks like a diamond. :o)

  3. Glad you found a good use for your left over threads. I did a tidy out the other day and threw away a lot of short lengths wound onto cards. Like yours, they were building up and taking over. I decided I have to accept that bits of left over thread are going to happen to a tatter!


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