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~ Walt Disney

13 January 2013

A New Beginning

Hope every one of you blogging friends is having a nice New Year!
(I'm having a slow start, being overwhelmed with catching up on my WIPs, and blogger having issues with uploading pictures.)

Towards the end of 2012, Diane and I exchanged some doodads. The doodads are gorgeous. Thanks, Diane. I am having some fun tatting using a couple of these.

I decided that Fox's motif, Athalia, which you can find here on tat-ology, is one I would like to tat with a doodad. It's a delightful pattern.

Tatted with #40 Lace Yarn Thread from Daiso
Another view of the same motif, Athalia
Last week, I met Tong Huey, for dinner. She loves crafts and is into crocheting. She's makes lovely items. The eclectic cafe, Tea Cosy, serves rather interesting fare and it also sells the furniture as well as home accessories it has on display.
Tong Huey and me, and our prettily plated and sumptuous dinner on the table
After dinner, I found some netted yarn in Spotlight. Needless to say, being ever so curious, I bought 2 balls to have a go. I didn't have any idea how the yarn was to be used, as the label only had pictures of knitted ruffled scarves. I came home and checked out youtube for some idea(s) and hopefully instructions to crochet with these yarn. I did find some useful videos.

Voila! Now I have 2 beautiful things to decorate my neck.

Crocheted ruffled scarf with Moda Vera Ridgley Mesh, Grecian, 100g, 100% acrylic
Crocheted ruffled scarf with Vera Moda Togari Mesh, Tango, 100g, 80% acrylic, 20% nylon


  1. I'm glad you're having fun with the doodads! Fox's pattern is perfect for those little squares, and it's so easy to follow!

  2. Well done with your doodad creations, must really start to use the ones Diane sent me.
    The scarfs are fabulous, the colours just zing, must get to Spotlight next time I'm in Singapore

  3. The doodads are such a natural for tatting. Fox's pattern looks great!
    I am definitely 'out of the loop' (so to speak!) about the latest types of yarns! I had to check out the youtubes and am amazed at the varieties of 'netted yarns' available and how to work with them! Your scarves are so colorful!

  4. Of course, I think this is very sweet! Have fun with the doodads. Playing with them is a nice change, sometimes.

    By the way, if you have not seen the pink motif I tatted with the Milford thread you sent it. You can see it on tat-ology - the last post. I do like this thread. It provides a smooth, sturdy tat and doesn’t twist. Why is it not more popular?
    Fox : )


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