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~ Walt Disney

17 January 2013

Beaded Hearts

More beading.
(I didn't have all the different-sized crystals and seed beads in the same colour, therefore you are seeing this beaded heart in these colours. But I think the variations make it interesting and the pattern becomes more pronounced.)

Beaded Heart, pattern by Eri Attebury (at Handmade Jewelery)
Bearbits is having a giveaway. It's a little huggable bear called Tinsley. I know I'd love to have him come live in my home with all the little bear friends I have.


  1. I love the bear name has that was my last name before I got married. The wee bear is so cute!!!!
    Bonnie Marriott(Tinsley)

  2. Pretty, pretty, pretty! Wonderful heart!

  3. Hi Val,

    You always have an interesting project going on here. The beaded heart is very nice. And a huge thanks for the link!!!



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