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~ Walt Disney

25 May 2014

A Lacey Day

It's another restful Sunday for me today. Decided to tat although there was no chocolate in sight. Am very pleased with the final product. It's a very sweet bow/ribbon, isn't it?

Tatted in DMC #30 Ecru; pattern from Tatting Lace by Applemints (a Japanese tatting book).
My former colleague, who was the Editorial Director at my previous workplace, sent me a picture of this lovely crochet-clad tree he came across in the street in Curitiba (Brazil). He said he saw this tree and thought of me. How sweet of him!

Photo courtesy of Douglas Amrine
Hope your weekend is sweet and restful too.


  1. Wow such an elegant bow, it is great From one of the Japenese books simliar to one which I bought when I was with you?They contain such great designs. The tree, well what can I say? Trees should always be dressed!!!

  2. Val, that bow is sensational!
    Fox : )

  3. The bow is lovely! How big is it and what are you planning to do with it?

    1. Thanks! The bow is about 7 cm across (lengthwise). I haven't decided on how to use it yet, but I guess it's rather versatile. :)

  4. Your bow is outstanding!!!! :) Very elegant!!! :)


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