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~ Walt Disney

28 June 2015

Doll Boots Class

Just as a person needs clothes, so does a doll. I am working on some doll clothes, and what an adventure! It's looking up patterns of doll dresses, accessories and fabrics (of course), and due to my inexperience, I thought I should work on a prototype. Details will be in another post.

A couple of months back, a fellow bear-making friend agreed to give a lesson on making leather doll boots. Ooh, that was exciting. Started by cutting out the template for the boots and tracing the parts onto a piece of leather. Then holes were hammered onto the leather for sewing the pieces together.
The steps weren't complicated.

Voila! A proud new pair of leather doll boots! These are so cool!

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  1. Fabulous boots for a doll! You'll have to scale up the process and make yourself some.


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