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03 January 2009


Started a small collection of shuttles. Some of them are used ocassionally while others are never in use. I just LOVE THEM. Just as much as I enjoy tatting, these shuttles are my PRECIOUS.

These are my first shuttles and have been actively in use.

These are Clover shuttles and are also used for some projects.

These were lovingly handcrafted by Noreen Crone-Findlay in Canada. I love the little hedgehog best. You can find her very interesting blog on http://tottietalkscrafts.com/.

A fabulous present from Patty D and it arrived on my birthday! Will treasure it very much.

These are made by Jan Stawasz from Poland. Gems. Bought these through Karen Glass in Krakow. Of course I got his book too. Both are treasures.

This 2.5" bone celtic shuttle I'd bought from Lacis but have never used it. Too delicate.

This shuttle with bobbin I'd bought at my local Spotlight store. Am still not used to manipulating this one so it's hardly used.

There you are... all my PRECIOUS.

Happy Tatting!


  1. Thanks, Gollum, for sharing your shuttle collection. I think I feel the same way about my shuttles, LOL! ;)
    Are those little hedgehog stickers with numbers on them on the shuttles in the photo on top?

  2. Hehee... TattingChic, spot on!
    Those little hedgehogs are cutouts I'd pasted using cellophane tape over my acrylic (I think) shuttles, right from the day I got them. Was so afraid I'd mix up the 2 threads/shuttles. LOL
    Today I'd just ordered one of Sherry's ceramic shuttles. Can't resist the temptation anymore. Just wish I got more $ to spend... :)

  3. Very cool! Oh, you should know that if you ever get more than one of SHerry's ceramic shuttles; she recommends using only one ceramic shuttle with a plastic shuttle if you are using a 2 shuttle pattern. That way the 2 ceramic shuttles won't clink together and chip. (I have more than one so I find this info useful, LOL!) You will love her shuttles. THey hold a LOT of thread. They are beautiful!

  4. thanks for the little tip! will post a picture of the shuttle once i receive it. can't wait...
    happy tatting!

  5. Very nice shuttle collection! I agree with TattingChic... you will love your shuttle from Sherry!

  6. My favorite shuttle is a celtic one. I love how thin it is and it fits my hand the best. I just splurged today and bought a second one. They are made of bone and for some reason don't slide out of my fingers like the clovers do. It is so comfortable I wish I had a dozen of them. I love your idea of the cutouts. I was wondering how I would tell the two apart. Now to find a cutout or stickers....

  7. All your shuttles are so lovely Valerie! I especially like the shuttles in the first photo.

    Thank you for all your kind comments on my blog. I have added your blog to my link list! (o:

    Oh...and p.s. your shuttle should be arriving soon!

  8. I love those shuttles from Jan. I've been limiting new shuttle purchases but I might have to look into those!

  9. Valerie, I love my celtic shuttles. I just splurged and bought a second one. Bone, I think. They fit my stubby hand better and don't slip out of my fingers. Try yours!

  10. Oh dear, I'm sorry I missed all your comments in the last few days. Didn't hit me that I should check for them. :p Signs that I'm still adapting to blogging... Thanks for stopping by.

    Thanks, Sherry. I'm looking forward.

    Gina, you can check out the Esty shop. I think Karen has a few in stock.

    'Mom' to the teenage boys, sorry I haven't quite found out your real identity. Thanks for telling me your experience with the bone shuttle. Will try it. :)

  11. You have a great collection of shuttles. I like the little hedgehog the best, too.

  12. Mm, I'm still eyeing Jan's shuttles. Did you use them ?

  13. ellen, i did use Jan's shuttles twice. they hold a lot of thread, easily double of what a clover holds. and i've heard that they are good for thread with beads. the only thing that i didn't get used to is the size. they are rather huge.


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