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31 December 2008

Bookmark gifts

Today's a colleague's last day at work. She's moving to New York to start a whole new life. Although the rest of us pooled money to buy her a go-away gift, I thought she might like a tatted bookmark as she said she would like to catch up on reading in the next few months until she settles on a new job. So I gave her this. I thought she would love this colour and look as she is rather chic. I think this bookmark looks chic. When she received it, she was very happy. She said she likes bookmarks and this one's beautiful.

Wishing her all the best in her new endeavours and may her dreams come true!

Another colleague just got back from Mumbai and bought a little bag for me. Yummy colours, I thought.

I decided to give her this bookmark I tatted some time back. It's got an adjustable bit at the end so that the bookmark can be lengthened or shortened to fit the size of the book. She loves it. I'm glad.

Happy reading, Bookworm Vidya!


  1. Wow! Your bookmarks you made are both beautiful! I do hope you share the pattern sources!?! I'd love to make either one of them sometime! :)

  2. Your bookmarks are beautiful! I'm sure Vidya will treasure them!

  3. Glad you like them, TattingChic and Diane. Unfortunately I'd collected these patterns a long time back and haven't done a good job maintaining all the details of the designer. (Yikes!) I'm going back (slowly) to trace these and others so I can do a better job filing the patterns. I think the purple bookmark is titled 'Black and lamè bookmark'. ;P

  4. Good job on the bookmarks. They are probably well used with good thoughts of you when they see them.

  5. thanks for your kind words, tattridy. :)


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