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21 February 2009

The Beads with Tatting are now...

If you remember, I won some beads with tatting from Umintsuru's January giveaway. And I said I would make tassel earrings with them. So here's the product.

It's the first time I made tassels and just having tassels didn't appeal to me. Good thing I found some white and purple seed beads in my bead box. I'd strung the beads to purple or white threads at irregular intervals and cut the threads at different lengths.

I've enjoyed the creating process. To be honest, I didn't have an idea how the earrings would look and how I was going to make the tassels. Pretty happy with the final thing.

How do you like these?


  1. Hi Val!!! I came over to check on you. Are you okay??? Have you recovered from watching that Jimi Hendrix vid on my blog???

    Your earrings are gorgeous! Lucky you for winning Umintsuru's giveaway and what a lovely job you did with the beaded tassels!

  2. i gave up watching almost halfway... sorry. can't stand it any longer. :P

    thanks for your comment about my earrings. they are quite cute. glad you like them. i'll have to think of another design for the next pair after my work trip next week. thanks for dropping by...

  3. I like your earrings, they are super cute.

  4. Valerie, thanks for the comment on my blog. So sorry to hear you had a harrowing experience with an angry mob. What was that Taxi driver thinking?! Glad you are safe and sound. :)

  5. i have no idea, tattingchic! thanks for your concern.

    the fact is: it didn't occur to me that the situation was anything to worry about except i've got to get to the airport as the last flight for the day was leaving in less than an hour! anyway, that's one 'adventure' to add to my work-stories...

  6. Hello Valerie,

    Just came by to check out your blog and the tatted beads. I hope you enjoy the earrings! They look great and you found the right colour threads and beads too. Look forward to your next design.

  7. hey thanks for dropping by, wendy. i haven't started using the earrings but they were fun to make. ya, i gotta get my head cracking again on the next pair. will keep you posted. :p

  8. I love the earrings, Valerie. Very nice!

  9. OOooh, these are adorable earrings! Your tassels match the beads perfectly. I bet they look very chic on. :)


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