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16 February 2009

Wearable Heart

I came home in a terrible mood, after work. A co-worker decided to flood my mailbox with emails that have nothing to do with me (by putting me in the cc list). That wasn't the end of the story... Because he's trying to get the client's attention and response, he mislead by saying something that is not the truth! This has impact on my deadlines! I had to tell him off.

Anyhow, I decided to do something constructive for myself. Being in such a foul mood will probably give me insomnia and a worse mood tomorrow when I get back in to work.

The outcome:

I added a chain and a swaroski crystal to the Scallop Shell Heart I'd tatted over Valentine's Day. Voila!


  1. The heart is absolutely gorgeous with that teardrop crystal! What a beauty! Thanks for sharing.

    Hope things straighten out at work.

  2. This is a very very pretty pendant!!!

  3. Your Valetines heart is beautiful...I love it

  4. Forgot to ask is this your own pattern???

  5. Valerie, that is lovely!!! thanks for stopping over to visit and telling me about your bears...they are GORGEOUS!!! i really love "baby"...she is precious!!!

  6. Thanks for your lovely comments, TattingChic, Vinnie and JoyMac. Glad you all like it.

    TattingChic, I hope so too.

    JoyMac, it's a pattern by Martha Ess. I love it's lacy look.

    Lori, you are most welcome. Baby's a doll. :)

  7. Oh, Valerie! Holy cow, that's drop-dead gorgeous! I love the fan-shaped patterns in the heart. That certainly would make me feel better. So does telling someone off.

  8. Thanks, Bella! Hehe... I know... ;P

  9. Valerie, it is so petite and just the right touch of bling!!! It's always a good feeling to know that something beautiful came out of what could have been a terrible day because we chose to create our own reality!

  10. Hi Val,
    Hop on over to visit me!! I did a post on your little heart and invited others to drop by your place to take a look. I hope you don't mind! It just struck me that you took a piece of art created with a holiday in mind, and it evolved into an "heirloom" that will always bring memories of taking back your day in your own way!!! Congratulations!!!

  11. What a wonderful way to use that energy. Now if only I could get that creative when my kids get me in a huff! I am so impressed. Usually, I can't get out of a foul mood that nicely. Well done!!!

  12. Adding the swarovski was a wonderful idea, lovely tatting.

  13. Oh!! VERY NICE!!!! good job Val.


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