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12 February 2009

Umintsuru's January 2009 Giveaway: I Won!

I chanced upon Umintsuru's blog as I went down my list of must-visit blogs... and saw that she was hosting a giveaway. So I asked to be counted in. It was just the day before the draw. Lo and behold... I turned out to be the winner for the January 2009 Giveaway! I was really surprised. I've not won anything before (except in a Bingo game at my aunt's country club eons ago). Thank you for the giveaway, Umintsuru! The beads are beautiful!

I'm intending to make earrings with tassels using these. I'm really excited. Look out for the complete product. ;)


  1. Hi Valerie,
    I need your email address to send your Valentine goodie!!!! I love your blog!!!! Those earrings are going to be gorgeous!!

  2. Congratulations!!! Good for you!!!

  3. Thanks, Connie and TattingChic.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Marilyn. I'll write you separately.

    Happy Valentine's Day, Ladies!

  4. Beautiful! Congratulations on your fabulous win. Looks like the year of the Ox is going well for you already. :D

    Happy Valentine's Day, and thanks for your visit!


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