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~ Walt Disney

05 April 2009

Introducing... Ted

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm pleased to introduce... TED.

Ted's the one I've been busy with the entire week. I'm not joking. I kept retouching the different parts as I went along... He's my very first felted bear and I'm pretty proud of myself, having accomplished this. During the course of felting this mini bear, I jabbed my poor thumb and fingers many times. I had a tissue beside me, on stand by, to wipe off the blood each time this happens. Guess it's part and parcel for a first-timer in felting.

The project was very challenging: to make the limbs the same size and have an overall acceptable proportion vis-a-vis the head, body and limbs. However, I decided to give Ted big feet. I think it's cute.

Ted's bio:

Born: 4 Apr 09
Height: 2½" tall
Character: curious, sympathetic and friendly
Ted has a tatted collar in Flora light Grey #20.

Here's Penelope and Ted.

(Thanks, TattingChic, for naming Penelope).

Did I mention that I bought a book online 2 weekends ago: 'Needlefelting Magic' by Barbara Allen? And I happened to be the 1001th customer to purchase the book! And... the suppliers decided to give it away FOC (free of charge) to me! Plus, it was autographed by the author. I was so lucky. Here's a glimpse of the book...

Just in case you are wondering, the book describes the steps to felt a mini bear. There are some advance felting tips too.

Hope your weekend's fantastic and restful.


  1. Ted is adorable! I've had streaks where I've thought about making bears, but that's as far as I've gotten. I'll leave it to the pros like you!

  2. What a cute boy bear Ted is!

    Thanks for the very sweet comment you left on my birdfeeder blog post recently. It made my day! :)

  3. OMG it's so cute~~~~!!! Now i feel like making one myself too hehehe

  4. Ted is so sweet. Never tried the felting, but I bet it's lots of fun, once you get past the finger punches.LOL
    No kidding, you did a great job.

  5. You did an amazing job on Ted for your 1st felting project ! I always poke myself when felting, those needles are SHARP lol. I have that same book and it is great. Lucky you to get it for free :)

  6. Hey Diane, thanks. I can't consider myself pro but I'm getting hooked to making bears.

    Thanks for dropping by, Bonnie, TattingChic and Gina. :)

    Adrianne, do. I'd love to see your bear.

    Thanks, Pat and Tammy. There's definitely a lot to improve on, and I'm giving my poor fingers a tiny break before I start on another one. LOL


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