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10 April 2009

Oliver the Mini Teddy

Hi hi. This is Oliver. He's my 1st mini teddy bear made from mohair.

I had the impression that it'll take a shorter time to make a mini teddy bear. I was wrong. Although it didn't take me as long to sew up the parts, but because he's so tiny, I had a quite a tough time. Now I know.

Oliver's bio:

Born: 10 Apr 09

Height: 2½"

Character: friendly, playful and loves to eat

I wish to thank my teddy bear teacher, Alicia. She sent me a whole bunch of teddy bear fur and now I can make tons of mini bears. Look!


  1. Your mini bear is so cute! That does look like a lot of work!!! How sweet of your teacher to send you all that teddy bear fur! How cute. Now you can have a whole bunch of tiny bears. I hope you show us all of them as they are "born"! :)

  2. Hi Valerie
    Your mini bear is very cute, you have done a fantastic job with him.
    It was nice of your teacher to send you all that lovely fabric in so many colours.

    Happy sewing and keep the pictures coming :o)
    Vicki xx

  3. wow!! I'm so envious of u! all that nice fabric! haha!

    This mini is really cute! Please make more of them soon!!

  4. Thanks for your kind comments, ladies. I'm learning as I make these bears. I find that different fabrics give different results and some are more forgiving, in hiding flaws. LOL

    Hey, Adrianne, do let me know if you want to use some of the fabrics Alicia sent. We can have bear party afterwards.


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