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~ Walt Disney

18 May 2009

Clay Whistles

I've been rather slack at blogging recently. But I'm not apologetic. Been busy, absolutely busy. I'll show you...

I joined a clay whistle making workshop last month and crafted 10 whistles in class. Of course each had to be able to 'whistle'. I shaped each one differently, hoping that all will turn out well. Then they went for the first round of bisque firing. Afterwhich, I handpainted them and then the glaze-firing began. The result? Well, I only got 50 percent success rate. Some got distorted during the high-temperature firing; some had the airholes blocked when the glaze melted into them; while for some, the colours did not turn out as expected. The entire process took about three weeks.

Anyway, here are the 'good' ones. (Each was inspired by someone or something. I shall tell you only in the next blog.)

As you can see, I haven't had the time to string them yet. :p
Next, tatting... But of course I had to tat. I did quite a lot of tatting. (If my tatting teacher sees this blog, she wouldn't be unhappy). I took part in the May Bookmark Exchange with the lovely people of InTatters. Can't showcase the bookmarks here yet as my partners have not received their envelopes. I also tatted a doily from Jan Stawasz's book. It's a UFO at the moment, pending its final round. And there is another item... oops, not time to release that either. Sorry folks. Look out for them in my next blog. (Muah..hahahaha)

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  1. OH, Val! All these whistles are so delightful! I love the unique shapes. You are so creative! And I bet they ALL have a very nice sound to them. :)


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