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~ Walt Disney

16 May 2009


I'm back! It's my fourth fishing trip to the kelong. And I'm elated. I finally got my own rod (a friend chose it for me) and it's a very light-weight and flexible rod. It works well for me as I'm not used to heavy rods. (Thanks, Albert.)

And I caught the most number of fish while out at sea. It's my first time! I didn't expect it at all! In fact, I was quite prepared to catch nothing due to my inexperience. But lo and behold, I was 'queen' of the fishing trip! I caught 6 large ('plate size' as my friends termed it) and 1 medium-sized fish. To give you a better idea of the size of the fishes, I measured them against my feet (size 6 and a half or 39). The first white fish is called 'black feet', translated from a local dialect; the second is a groupa and the third, a parrot fish. It's supposed to be a delicacy.

Here are some pictures...
It's really fun! Didn't catch any squid this time though. No sight of any. The morning we left, I managed to catch some small fish that will feed me and hubby for 2 meals.
And of course, fishing has become one of my simple passions too. I'm going to share the 6 large fish with my parents and my in-laws. I didn't bring back the medium-sized fish. It probably went to someone in the group.
Hope your weekend is good too.
P.S. Oops, I hope my craft friends don't get impatient with me for posting this.
After note: A friend who's a fishing fan suggested that the white fish is a trevally. Hmm... Thanks for the tip, Jeffrey.

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