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~ Walt Disney

14 January 2010

Oh, My Sleepy Head...

Hey, who's there looking at me?

was born yesterday (13 Jan 2010). He's 7" from head to legs and is very fond of stealing a nap when no one's looking. There, the lenses caught him just about to go to dreamland again.

Hmmm, it's soft and warm here. Perfect.
Sleepy Head's favourite spot? Well, it's none other than on my hubby's tummy. Boys will be boys.
Since we are on the subject of bears, Linda Benson @ Bears In The Bush is celebrating her blogversary and hosting a giveaway.
And that's not all, Ladyshuttermaker's having her Mondo Monday giveaway again... Yes!

Oh don't miss this giveaway by Arty Lou, aka December Girl. She's giving away a pretty piece of jewellery (pictured above). Or check out her Etsy shop here.


  1. Cute little bear.

    Thanks for stopping by and doing this for the giveaway. Your number has been added. Good luck :)

  2. OH Valerie,,,,he is just oh my sooooo adorable!!!!! I want him LOL!!!
    So perfectly adorable!!!!

  3. Val...it looks super cute! I haven't finished the teddy-tiger...but am trying :) Will be ordering in Nose Shine from Gerry's. Do u want a bottle? Should be abt S$12 or so, after conversion and shipping.

  4. Such a sweet little bear!

    I saw all your tatting links so I sent your blog off to my sister to check out!

    You tatters gotta stick together!

    HUGS and thanks for dropping by my blog!

  5. oh my he is adorable.. :) what a sweet treasure..I want him!!! lol....thanks for stopping by my blog...

  6. YAWN! Oh my goodness, you are too adorable. And you are PERFECT for cuddling. You make me want to just lie...down...and.......zzzzz


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