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~ Walt Disney

13 March 2010


Some tatting in the last 2 weeks... Heart's Desire by Susan Fuller, pictured below and test tatted one of Heather's pattern, Lady Pink. Not sure I can post it yet since she's preparing her new book so I'm going to wait. The second heart was way back when I first learned how to tat. Can't remember where I found this pattern. (Any body recalls?)

Heart's Desire was tatted in Flora #20 White and Coron #20 Pink. Sweet combination.
The second heart was in a DMC variegated red #20. 

Other than these, been so caught up at work and office moving coming up this week. AWFUL.

On another note, Aileen's (aka Wickedtats) celebrating her BD and she's having a speedy giveaway on her blog. She's so sweet to have such a lot of goodies for fellow crafters. Happy Birthday, Aileen!


  1. Hi Valerie.
    The hearts are lovely and in such pretty colours!

  2. Val if you remember where you got the pattern for the 2nd heart please let us know. Its so simple and smart. You did a good job on both hearts. I love making hearts.

  3. Oh, gorgeous! I love all the delicate swirls on the top one. And the bottom one reminds me of beautiful sea coral. Wowsers!

  4. Hello Val! Nice to hear from you! Thank you very much for proposal - all these ATC already have their owners, but I will make you similar ATC with snowflake if you will make for me tatting heart (not snowflake )))
    Than I will use it for one of my future bears))
    What do you think, Valerie?


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