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~ Walt Disney

28 March 2010

Sneak Peek

Here's a new teddy saying "Hello". Nope, it's not entirely complete but I'm stumped now with ideas to improve it. It's getting impatient because the maker (that's me!) has been at it for over 3 weeks... The teddy can't wait to go out and join the rest of its kind. Can you see it's forlorn and longing look?

Two Shuttles is having a El Dorado doily giveaway. Really interesting. Do pop over to join in the fun.

Good weekend,


  1. He's a real cutie and seems perfect to me.
    Thanks for visiting Val :)

  2. I can see his "forlorn and longing look", he's super cute! (what I can see of him LOL)

  3. thanks, arty and bonnie! i'll let teddy know what u think. :D

  4. Oh....my....GOSH! LOOK at him! Awww, I can get lost in those beautiful eyes. I want to ruffle his fur. Oh, Val, please finish him! He looks perfect already. Don't know how you could possibly improve on that.

  5. That teddy is absolutely freakin' adorable!
    Thanks for stopping by to enter come and celebrate my blogoversary with me! I appreciate your bloggy friendship the past 2 years! It has been fun getting to know you!
    ~TattingChic ♥


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