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02 April 2010

I Tatted Too On International Tatting Day!

This is the FIRST time I'm celebrating International Tatting Day (ITD)! Thanks to IsDihara who mentioned it on her blog, I managed to tat something, almost at the 11th hour, literally, because I got home late and finally only managed to settle down then.

For my non-tatter friends...

International Tatting Day
1. Eat all the chocolate you desire.
2. Wear a little tatting and tell everyone you meet about tatting.
3. Tat only for yourself, only what YOU want to tat.
4. Remember (or honour) the tatters who have gone before you and contributed so much to our art.
And by all means, you can send cards.

There weren't chocolates but I am pleased I tatted something. It's a celtic motif designed by Castella Arthur (aka Castats). I found this pattern a long time back but didn't get to tat it until now. The motif's meant for a table runner if I'm not mistaken. It's pretty. (Oops, I haven't had the chance to hide the ends and block it yet! :p)

Hope all my friends who enjoy this art has a Happy International Tatting Day too! And there is much to blow our horns about...



  1. Happy Tatting Day! I love that motif. The Celtic element gives it a layered look. It will look great as a table runner.

  2. That motif is very beautiful!
    Happy tatting!

  3. You are right tatting is not a dying art. I enjoy saying that to people and with the help of our online tatting community I know it's true.

  4. Happy Tatting Day back to you.
    That celtic motif is simple but pretty. Remember to post the full picture of the runner when it is finished. It is going to look great.


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