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10 April 2010

Tatted Pendants

It's the weekend again. Yay! I always look forward to Saturdays because I can indulge in my passions without guilt and without having to fight the sleepy bug!

Seems there's a tatted pendant fever going lately... This is what I finished in the afternoon. The pattern is from this site. It was originally intended for earrings but I thought it's interesting as a pendant. The thread is Flora #20 Deep Red. A little glass teadrop bead hangs below the tatted motif.

The next two pendants are for the Intatter's April Pendant Exchange. Both were tatted in DMC #20 variegated Red. Only one, however, was sent to my exchange partner. One had a broken picot so it was abandoned. It's been some time since I used beads in my tatting. (Too lazy to string the beads :p) These have brought about a revival to using beads... LOL. I hope my partner likes it.

I thought the motifs are simply. The first one below feels cheerful and elegant. The second motif below is a combination of repeated rings with a simple ring stuck right in the middle! I think I got these patterns from my tatting teacher.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend break too!


  1. I have three tatted pendants, and I get wonderful comments every time I wear them. Yours are beautiful!

  2. Love the flower one on the bottom. They are all nice. :)
    ~TattingChic ♥

  3. You can never have enough tatted pendants, spread the news of tatting by wearing it! Do hope you are having a great weekend. The sun is actually shining here in the UK!

  4. Those are really beautiful, very clever! Catherine x

  5. Val, these are so pretty, pretty, pretty! Love the added beads. I like the simplicity of the cute middle flower, but they are all stunning.


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