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~ Walt Disney

24 April 2010

Sleepy Bro

Hi there! Hope you are looking forward to the weekend as I do.

This is the other sleepy bear, the brother of Sleepy Head. He's made in mohair that's rather stringy and sparce, but I was surprised at how soft the fur feels. This gives him the straggly look. I haven't given him a name because it's a teddy for my friend.

The story goes that I enjoy making bears but I really can't sew much. So my teddy bears do not have clothes! My friend who's very good with her hands offered to do an "exchange". She'd make some clothes for a teddy that I choose and I'll make her a bear!

The other part of the exchange? Well, they are not ready yet. Will post the designer clothes when they arrive.



  1. such a sweet Bear and what fun to exchange for some designer Bear clothes :) Hugs, Catherine x

  2. Oh Valerie,,,,he is tooooo cute. So adorable. At this rate you are going to have me getting into something new lol!

  3. So SWEEEEEEEEET! I love that nose, and he looks so comfortable in his sleepy position. Can't wait to see the designer clothes! :D


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