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14 March 2011

More Beaded...

Suede Earrings
Pattern by Ann Benson
I can only say these are simply too addictive...


  1. Hi,
    Just came to your site from Jane Eborall's. Your earrings are really lovely! Beautiful work.

  2. Beautiful, Val. Love the colour choices and the beads.

  3. The earrings are stunning! I love the center focal bead. :)

  4. Hi Val,

    Had to come back and tell you that I was so inspired by your earrings that I had to give the beading technique a try. Sadly it was too expensive to get the Ann Benson kits shipped overseas but I did buy a couple of her patterns and found a kit here in the UK and am just finishing a bracelet. So thank you for showing us your lovely beading.


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