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13 March 2011

Handfuls This Week

I've been working on quite a few things this week. Been keeping awake almost every night to finish the items. You see, I simply can't rest until I have completed what I have in my hands. Is that good or bad?
First up... this heart motif by Martha Ess – Two Hearts as One. It's gorgeous. I would love to tat the one with the 2 hearts instead of just one of them, but I got stuck with the intertwinning of the rings part from R2.

Next, I tatted Lyn Morton's Romance Pendant again. This time it's with marine blue 4-mm Swaroski cystals with Flora #20. Maybe the choice of crystals wasn't quite right. They feel too large and heavy on this motif. What do you think? My first attempt is here

I've also worked on beading a few cabochons. Finished one pendant this morning at four. It's for a personal exchange with a dear friend. I think she'll like it. It's my own pattern.

Sorry about the colours. They really didn't turn out right. The actual piece is way more gorgeous. Another piece is being done. I plan to complete it end of the day.

Have a great weekend. XOXO


  1. Very beautiful:))Wonderful blog:))


  2. WoW you have been REALLY BUSY!!! What a pretty tatted heart! And those pendants. I think the blue one is my fav. They are both still really really pretty.
    The cabochon, I have no doubt your friend is going to LOVE it!!! :)

  3. I love that, it's gorgeous! Really like the little rose on top. It will be a very striking piece to wear.

  4. I love that heart Beautiful shape. Lovely tatting.

    I think you are right about the crystals: the yellow motif is more delicate because the beads are smaller. Both pieces are really lovely, though
    Fox : )


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