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~ Walt Disney

07 March 2011

Tatted Jewellery and Some Cards

Found Lyn Morton's Tatting Jewellery in the library a couple of weeks back but never picked up on tatting anything from it. Just busy drooling over the pictures. Finally put some energy into tatting something from the book tonight. I love tatted pendants and tatting pendants. :)

Romance Pendant
Over the weekend, tried out some watercolour pencils I got while shopping with Ellen one week earlier. We went to the bookstore and craft supplies shop. What else can be more fun?

So, I drew and coloured some ATCs for a swap I'm participating in. The theme is Tarot Cards. I love the results. And they are so easy to use.

XVIII The Moon
VI The Lovers
So much for now. Going to zzZZZZZ.


  1. Nicely tatted pendant, Valerie. What thread did you use?

  2. Hi Sus, thanks for popping by. It's Flora #20, a variegated yellow.

  3. LOVE the pendant GF! Your cards are pretty awesome as well :)


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