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01 May 2011

This week

I think many of us in Tatland have tatted and fallen in love with many of Jane Eborall's patterns. This bookmark pattern is one I really enjoy (although I made a lot of booboos in the first attempt -- the one on the top!) The reason I'm posting the first is because I like the colours, but the second is the one without mistakes. Opps, it's the Fandango Bookmark of course! Both were tatted in Flora #20 as the instructions recommended and they are pretty large (8" x 2"). To be honest, I'm itching to tat another, perhaps in a smaller thread.

Thanks, Jane, for sharing another gorgeous pattern!

Earlier in the week, I finished another beaded project. And, I'm beginning to experiment more with my own ideas. It's more fun and challenging.


  1. I love the colour effects on the Fandango bookmark. It is going on my to tat list. Your beaded earrings is lovely.

  2. Both bookmarks are very pretty! I especially like the blue. ; )

    Your earrings are gorgeous! Oh, how I wish I could wear earrings. I see so many beautiful designs, and I love the way a pair of earrings dress up any outfit. Unfortunately, my ears swell up and turn read within minutes of putting them on. I guess I'll stick with necklaces and bracelets. Wouldn't the earrings make pretty pendants?

  3. Nice tatting and beading, Valerie! Jane is so very generous with her patterns!

  4. Agree Jane's patterns are great and so easy to follow. I have grown up with them over the years so are tottally used to the way she writes them and when I try other peoples I have to really concentrate on them. I like both the colours you have tatted the bookmarks in. The earrings are lovely too.


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