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~ Walt Disney

16 April 2011

Alphabet ATCs

A great part of last month and up to yesterday, the amount of work and client demands at the office brought me close to insanity. Hope the upcoming days won't be so bad. Anyway, I tried to channel some bad energy into productive energy and made some ATCs. Very little done each day though...

A couple of alphabets to begin with. Two sets: the first made from paper and a second set using fabric. The paper set incorporated origami critters.

Dipped into my very small stash of felt and made these... (but one's been loaned out for a photography session.) And yes, there's tatting on that one. Will show when I get it back.
A for Ants

E for Egg
Thing is: at our last ATC meet, the organiser announced that he's planning to have an ATC exhibition in August and hopes for members to make some alphabet ATCs to contribute to the letters forming the theme of the show. More on this later.

Have a good weekend. XOXO


  1. Oh WoW GF!!!! Those are really super cool!!!! Gives me a new idea too to help the girls with their ABCs :)

    I LIKE these!!!! You are getting really super with these ATCs!

  2. I love the origami fish! How clever.

  3. Thanks, Connie and Suz.

    Suz: the origami fish is from a book "Origami Jewellery" and it's able to turn on the card. :)


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