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~ Walt Disney

04 September 2011

I Finished Two Blocks

Time just flew by for me in the last few weeks. My tatting is still at where I stopped since I blogged about it; my new carbochon beading got started; a few new ATCs were made and sent to my swap partners and I started a quilting class yesterday.

These are the two blocks I completed this afternoon using my late MIL's sewing machine. I hope I can do something good with the machine. I haven't used a sewing machine in 30 years so this beginner's project was a little challenging. One day, I'll have tatting incorporated with my quilts.

From left: A Ribbon Quilt and A Churn Dash


  1. I really like the colors you're using! I've been making friends with my machine again this summer, and I also want to incorporate tatting into my quilts. Who knows, maybe we'll get inspiration from each other!

  2. Your quilts are bright and colorful, and remind me of a summer garden. Are you CQing? It's so much fun!


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