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08 September 2011

Chinese Painting Using ... A Chopstick!

I attended the monthly ATC session this evening held at Bishan Library, and the group experimented painting with a chopstick! "How odd?!", "How to paint?" were my first reactions.

I managed this... What do you think?

A Branch of Cherry Blossom
I think the result's quite cool although I felt rather clumsy, not being able to control the strokes well. Nevertheless, I'm pretty happy with this painting.


  1. I think it's wonderful! I'm afraid I couldn't paint something that nice no matter what I was using. Chopsticks sound very interesting!

  2. Looks pretty good to me! I've never even eaten with chopsticks, let alone painted with them! I'd probably use them as a shawl fastener. :-)

  3. Nice result, Val. What paint were you using?

  4. (Blogger has been giving Fox headaches, not letting her leave comments. So I'm pasting here her sweet comments sent via email.)

    Val, your painting is gorgeous!

    I used to do sumie, Japanese brush stroke painting, many years ago, but gave it up as I was not very good at all, and got very frustrated.
    However, I do love looking at "the good stuff"! You are good!

    p.s. Blogger will not let me comment on your site - still!

  5. Thanks, Diane, Gina, Suz, Moses and Fox!

    To be honest, I was surprised with the result myself. The only times I did Chinese paint were bamboos (basic strokes in Chinese painting) and some orchid, with loads of guidance.

    Suz: We used Chinese ink which comes in a bottle and it can be diluted with water to give gradiation of black. I'm pretty sure you can find a bottle cheaply at a stationery shop. Try it. Pretty fun!

  6. Whoa, this was chopstick??? Incredible. It's really beautiful!

    Ah, I just read that Fox was having difficulty with comments, too. Chrome won't let me leave comments, but Firefox will. Fox should use the Fox. :)


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