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02 October 2011

Ready to Quilt

This is the quilt-to-be with six blocks completed. It's now tacked with the batting and backing, ready for the quilting. I haven't slacked as you can see, just swamped working on this. My swollen finger certainly is not enjoying being poked by the needle...

A glimpse of the WIP baby quilt...


  1. Hi Val,

    The colors you chose are wonderful. Nice job and good luck with the rest of it. I think I would enjoy sewing a quilt again. It's nice to see what you have accomplished!


  2. This quilt can also be enjoyed after the baby stage and will be useful for a long time! Are you hand quilting it? Better let your finger heal!!

  3. You are amazing. So multi-talented! This is a gorgeous quilt. I love the colors and patterns!

  4. Great looking quilt. I machine piece then and have someone else machine quilt my quilts - very relaxing working on them.

  5. Ginger and Suz: Thanks!

    Kathy: Yes, I'm hand quilting. This stage is the most difficult for me.

    Thanks for all your kind words, ladies.


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