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~ Walt Disney

27 October 2011

Meeting Bear Artists and A Giveaway

Last Sunday, I was at our local Teddy Bear Show at the Arts House. This event takes place yearly but on a rather small scale. I was lucky to meet a few bear artists whose names I've heard of for quite a while but only got to meet at this show! To name a few... Wayne Lim, Esther Lee and Audie (from the Netherlands). Do check out Wayne's blog. He has great pictures of the show. They are award-winning bear artists in their own right.

Oh, and Esther is having her first blog giveaway . Isn't Dusty a sweetie?


  1. Thanks so much for linking my give-away bear here. All the best to U..

  2. Hi Val, nice to meet you at the Singapore Bear Show! =) You have a lovely blog and I am following now ^.^


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