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07 November 2011

Julie's Snowflakes

I'd been experiencing a period of craft drought. It's one of those times when the brain doesn't have any inspiration but the dry spell is slowly dissipating. In fact, I've been lurking among the blogs that I often visited but did not comment much as well...

Yes, I'd want to get back to tatting. The gold fish in the previous post was a 'start'. I'm looking to tat some snowflakes so I flipped through my super thick folder where I have my collection of patterns, but mostly shelved away. I found this!

It's Julie Patterson's pattern. I love the compactness of this snowflake, and I tatted two in one go. They are tatted in a #20 thread (but the label's lost).
Hope you like these.

The links to this pattern have been fixed by Georgia, thanks to IsDihara who wrote to inform her. Great work, IsDihara! The patterns are here and here.


  1. The aqua ones are lovely! Is this a pattern available for everyone or one from a book? If it's available, will you share where you found it?

  2. I agree about the compactness of the snowflakes,they hang much better like that and show up more.

  3. That's a nice pattern. I can picture a bunch of beaded ones on the Christmas tree.

  4. Lovely snowflakes, Val. I love Julie's patterns too. I have the Bellflake pattern which I have yet to tat. Happy Tatting!! I am tatting Martha's patterns.

  5. Michelle, I found this pattern a few years back on Georgia Seitz's site. Perhaps you want to look for it there. It's called Belle Flake.

    Sally, that's exactly my point!

    Suz, thanks. I think the beaded snowflakes would look wonderful.

  6. Phew- it's no longer available on Georgia's site- you know the dread "404 page not found". Oh well, I think I can keep busy! : )

  7. Your snowflakes look really great!! :)

  8. IsDihara emailed me... Thanks, IsDihara!


    Georgia Seitz has fixed the broken link for the Belle Flake on her web site, so folks will be able to tat this lovely pattern (inspired by the flake you created, of course). Thank you again for posting it on your blog!



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